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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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with a disability. it is difficult for me to find a job in today's current environment and economy, and people like myself with epilepsy and a disability often have to overcome more obstacles than regular folks in the economy, so i find it difficult as a person. they have been there for me, and have been supportive of guiding me through the economy and how i can use my disability for benefits. i have been a client for about a year now, and received support and guidance from them. they have helped me with referrals, navigation, and websites to use, and how to
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survive through today's difficult economic times. i believe anyone can get a job, and i believe that anyone can reach their desired destination.
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care. pregnant women in labor will be forced to go across town by bus. thank you. >> think you. -- thank-you.
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>> thank you. i work for the general contractor as an intern. on one to say that there is vast experience from the u.s. and around the world. this is what these two companies have, they have a lot of experience. there was a lot of planning and a lot of consideration. they were expected to have this situation.
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every week, we have a meeting on what we have to do and every single week and every single week, these issues are addressed in town -- are addressed. this is a work in progress and that is why we are here. every square inch of the hospital has been planned. and the infirm and the report, we have addressed every single one of those issues and one factor is that i am working there because of my interaction and the college of san francisco and the this deals
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with the -- i would like to see this environmental report accepted. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. i represent not only the nurses but also the patience.
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i worked at st. luke's hospital. just recently i had a patient named mrs. rodriguez and who told me thank you for -- because i spoke many times. if she does not speak much english and she had to go back
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and forth many times. as you look at the tapes, we have been here many times. you can clearly see that even today, i almost fainted. they were here standing by us fighting for not downsizing st. luke's him. we pressured them to say this experience. they have this committee to make it the more fair. we are fighting for the st. luke's because we are only
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getting the bad patients. they sent them to us because they were too loud, too stinky. i congratulate local 254 acetylene the issue working the night shift, i just wondered.
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, and the president of the asian american contractors association. and i believe that this has been thoroughly analyzed in the report. san francisco needs this project. we need construction jobs and we need to put small businesses to work. these will create jobs for the people of san francisco and this will lower the crime rate. my company -- i look forward to construction so that my employees will have
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work to support the families. many jobs will be created for san francisco residence. please, support this eir. we need these hospitals for san francisco. think you. -- think you.
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>> solo, and i am a structural engineer. i am the ceo of one of the oldest structural and engineering firms. i am almost -- also in structural engineering. i also charity -- i also work
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with an initiative to make sure that we need to recover from the earthquake. this process is intended to identify harmful aspects of projects and minimize them and i would like to submit that earthquakes are the biggest farm to the area. this is one of the projects that will minimize the impact to the bay area. it is predicted that this will occur for decades. seeing suggested that there is a chance that we will have an earthquake in the next to 30 years.
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this will cause 60,000 to be injured in the region and the majority of our hospital beds will not be usable. this is a lesson that we learned in 1941. we pass legislation and we have been building better buildings ever since in 1994. these projects have been working towards a goal for a long time.
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this is a very difficult project. you can expect another 10-15 years. >> i am representing the san francisco naacp. i want you to address this.
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we support this project. this is not talking about the adequacy of the report or whether you agree with the development or not. many dispossess committees can come out of those training programs and work at these hospitals when they are open.
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we are concerned about what is happening in our communities. this is an opportunity to do some brilliant things.
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i think this will change the neighborhood for a good thing. you give up things on the city. hospitals are noisy but they are close to you. you can get back and forth relatively simple. when you live around california
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and van ness, this is in the city and you have to take the good and bad. thank you for your attention. >> i think i was there with you back in the 60's. i am the president and ceo of operation access. we do this work in partnership
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with the clinics that identify and work with patients. we work with 31 patients. during the past five years, we have had donations for surgery's from the bay area. we have 22 surgeons to volunteer their service to serve this population. this is provided at no cost to the patients. we recently conducted a survey of the patients and of the 31 hospitals that see our patients, the top outcomes were
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at cpmc. most were able to get care. this is being donated. i can assure you that cpmc is committed to charity care. they play a critical role and the economy.
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we would like to insure access in the future. thank you. >> good afternoon. i in this half a block of from the campus on -- i support long-term development. in addition to being a neighbor to the davies campus, and i am a current board member of friends of -- park.
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they were the lead at the honor for the labyrinth. they committed a sizable donation to the latest park and the use play area. we hope to break ground early next year. this is very important to the entire trial and the contributions of the park project is and improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods. the proposed project will increase the usage of the park and other recreational facilities. this is through development and projected applications for its employees.
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the proposed project includes st. unification efforts that includes tree planting and landscaping enhancement. our request that the project received approval. and, i am a registered nurse and they work at st. luke's hospital. i have been here for 35 years. i am opposed to some of their
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facilities and downsizing. i have worked their all of these years and this is a good place to work. we all work together and take care of patients and tell -- take care of patients. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners thought. i would like to read a letter --
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"thank you for the opportunity to speak this afternoon. i am a proud 17-year resident of san francisco. i trained at the pediatric unit and i am a member of the st. luke's medical staff. my background is me a unique background on pediatric systems. i work for the children's hospital and san francisco general. the timing is everything.
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this can mean the limit between life and death. the facility is readily accessible and it can save lives. all of the experts staff needed to handle any emergency are on hand. some people have talked about an alternative to the existing plan that would concentrate all children's services and put the city at great risk in the event of a disaster or biological attack. all of these would make a risky situation.
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we should have better access for all patients including children. thank you. >> good afternoon.
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my expertise is in urban design and architecture. this is a smart plan. this will offer services where transit is located. we will concentrate on the highest density in this